Full score technology basics and application in practice

Biopsies are regarded worldwide as the diagnostic application of first choice. Tissue samples taken in clinically abnormal body regions are histologically examined and evaluated in the laboratory for diagnosis or confirmation of diagnosis. Therapy decisions and treatment choices therefore depend regularly on the quality of the specimen.

We have dedicated ourselves to the further development and improvement of patient care in this area and have developed our full-score technology.

  • Well-adjusted crown-core cut ensures less traumatic puncture and accurate collection of tissue
  • The needle comes with “cm” markings for a safe and appropriate determination of the depth placement
  •  An echogenic distal tip ensures superb visibility under ultrasound guided biopsy
  • Compatible with COX-2020 coaxial introducer needle for guiding and for achieving multiple sample collection with a single puncture


In contrast to the conventional technique,
the outer cannula cuts the tissue first.

Immediately afterwards, the inner chisel cuts
off the tissue sample at the end.

This ensures significantly more biopsy material
for laboratory diagnostics.