Patient in focus safety gentle process and optimal results are a must

The basis of gentle liposuction

The result of a liposuction is significantly influenced by a factor even before the actual aspiration. No matter which method you are using, all liposuction procedures have one thing in common, the infiltration of a saline solution for tumescent local anaesthesia.

We at Möller Medical have specifically chosen to orientate all products consistently to their application. Together with doctors we develop future-oriented technologies for doctors. The user and the safety of the patient are the focus of our attention. Using our liposuction gear we want you not to waste a thought on them during the treatment. Your focus should be on the patient. Our technology is there to support you and must not distract you from the actual tasks by complicated operation or unclear menu navigation.

This concept has been perfectly implemented in the two new infiltration pumps Liposat® Pro and Liposat® Pro plus. Where other manufacturers misuse simple laboratory pumps for the infiltration of TLA, we offer products that have been specially developed for the application. This starts with the insertion of the tube by our integrated assistance system and the automatic tube retraction. The adjustment of the infiltration speed is volume-controlled and the already infiltrated volume is always visible to the user.
Both pumps are perfectly designed to work together with Vibrasat® Pro and Vacusat® power but can of course also be used safely and reliably as stand-alone units to complement your existing products.