Docon® 7

High-end blood transfusion device

Docon® 7 is a high-end solution for mobile blood donations and represents the systematic evolution of the blood mixing scales that have been developed and produced by MÖLLER for more than 40 years.

Docon® 7 Standard (00003700)

Over the last 20 years the Docon has become firmly established in both national and international markets. In 2014 we introduced the systematically developed Docon® 7.

The emphasis here is on

  • Enhanced safety, more robust design and greater user friendliness
  • Technical innovations include: color display with a touchscreen, touchless tube identification, use of antibacterial plastics and several more
  • Use of proven platform concepts
  • Operational compatibility with the earlier generations of Docon

The device can also be fully configured to meet customers’ needs.

The easiest way to transfer data is using a USB flash drive.


Docon® 7 WLAN Option (00003676)

The Docon can be incorporated into conventional WLAN networks that meet the current standard to transfer donor data to a PC.
Docon can also be fully configured for online monitoring of blood mixing scales and bidirectional communication.

Key features

  • Self-regulating clamp with contactless tube detection
  • Protected weighing tray, magnetic fixation, use of antibacterial plastics
  • Multifunctional battery system using the latest lithium-ion battery technology
  • Color display with free configurable touchscreen
  • Integrated charging device
  • Seal option
  • Data management options using USB, LAN and WIFI
  • Software for safe data handling and customized device setups which supports bloodbanks with regard to international standards such as ISO and is oriented towards GMP
  • Can be fully integrated into existing Docon® networks
  • Back-friendly operation with Docon®7 Mobile II
  • User orientated range of accessories
  • Device and software can be adapted to almost any language
  • RFID functionality

Technical data

Dimensions: 458 mm x 222 mm x 152 mm
Weight: 3,000 g
Voltage: 100-240 VAC
Weighing accuracy: +/- 5 ml
System weight: 7 - 9 kg
Sealing time: 2 -4 seconds


Docon® 7 Catalog

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