Cannulas + Systems

Special cannulae for medical applications

MÖLLER has decades of experience in the development and production of special needles for use in human medicine. For us, special needles mean both needles with special tip types and fully new needle and cannula shapes, developed together with our OEM customers and users.

Due to our diverse machine park and large stock of raw materials, we can produce diverse needle tips and undertake various surface treatments (e.g. roughening, grooves or swaging) in many different materials and diameters.

The pictures shown here show examples of needle tips that Möller Medical can manufacture, which are used among others in the following medical disciplines:

  • Radiology
  • Pain control
  • Reproductive medicine
  • Urology
  • Trauma / Implantology
  • Anaesthesia
  • Biopsy
  • Aesthetic medicine or for taking blood samples


These are needles we can manufacture:

For Radiology / Diagnostics:

  • Bone biopsy needle
  • Bone marrow biopsy needles
  • Liver biopsy needles
  • Brain biopsy needles
  • Franseen instrument
  • Coaxial needle
  • Chiba needle
  • Chiba ULTRA (particularly long tip)
  • Hepatic lobule needle
  • Kidney biopsy needle
  • Pleurapunction needle


For preparing medication / blood sampling:

  • Venting needle
  • Filter needle
  • Cap-piercing needle


For General Medicine:

  • Initial puncture needle
  • Needle with echogenic tip
  • Needle with lancet point
  • Needle with quincke tip
  • Needle / Tube adapter
  • Pencil-Point needle
  • Percutaneous insertion needle
  • Blood donation set
  • Double lumen puncture needle
  • Seldinger needle
  • Acupuncture needle
  • Stylet

For Reproductive medicine / prenatal diagnostics:

  • Oocyte retrieval needles
  • Ovum-Pick-Up
  • Amniocentesis needle
  • Needle for Chorionic villus sampling


For Trauma / Implantology:

  • Vertebroplasty needles
  • Vertebroplasty Instruments
  • Titanium spinal Implants


For Anaesthesia:

  • Needle for spinal anaesthesia


For Pain control:

  • Stimulisation needle


Other intstruments:

  • Obturator
  • Cleaning brush for rectal puncture instrument
  • Stiffening needle
  • Guide tube for catheter
  • Unroller for catheter


We can also offer coated and heated or cooled needles for use in analytics thanks to our electronics department and the Möller NanoCoatings.

One of our strengths is connecting metal and plastic using overmoulding techniques.

The final cleaning process of our products for medical use takes place in a validated cleaning machine, from which the parts enter our cleanroom (class 100.000) through an air lock. Assembly and final packaging of the products takes place here.

We are able to implement various gluing processes to combine metal with plastics, glass, other metals or other materials, including UV- and heat-curing glue types.

If required we can carry out sterilization with Ethylene Oxide together with a partner company before stocking / shipping.

Products, whether sterile or bulk-packed (in double PE-bags), are kept in a paternoster system ready for shipping.

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