Vibrasat® Pro

Power-Assisted Liposuction

with Vibrasat® Pro

For fatigue-free working with one of the most tissue-friendly technologies.

Our Vibrasat® Pro is the leading technology for power-assisted liposuctions. Its easy-to-use design eliminates fatigue for the doctor even during the longest procedures - while its technology maximizes patient results.

5 reasons for Vibrasat® Pro:
1. The liposuction handle offers you the smoothest and most gentle way to remove fat
2. Less effort is required to move the cannula through the tissue, ensuring a lower risk with maximum precision results
3. Its anatomically shaped hand grip carries just the right balance point with a low weight, allowing the doctor to hold it comfortably for any length of time
4. Work with the an innovative product with reliable and long-lasting performance.
5. The design allows for quick and easy cannula changing - providing an optimal, more efficient workflow

Liposuction and infiltration of TLA and FAT
• Liposuction
• Lipedema treatments
• Brazilian Butt Lift
• and others


Dimension (W x H x D) 170 x 90 x 205 mm

Hand piece (dia. x L) 52 x 300 mm
Weight control unit/ hand piece 1.2 kg/ 0.7 kg
Medical device class IIa
Stroke length approx. 3 mm
Stroke frequency 3,000 - 6,000 /min
Power supply 100 - 240 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz

See Dr. Alexander Hamers talking about safe BBL procedures with MÖLLERs Aesthetics Solutions.

Listen to serveral experts in the field of liposuction and lipoinfiltration, talking about working with our Aestehtics Solutions and their advantages in patients outcome and predictability of results.

Vibrasat® Pro Broschure




The Vibrasat

The technologically leading

vibration premium device

• Reach up to 5,000 strokes/min with a stroke length of approx. 3mm
• Boost function for short-term increase of vibration to 6,000 strokes/min
• QuickLock connection for quick cannula change during treatment
• Powerful and overheat protected motor


• Anatomically shaped handle
• Smooth running
• Less heating even during long treatments
• Convenient operation via foot switch possible

Vibrasat Pro
Vibrasat Pro

What They Say About


„The cost per patient is a factor in the choice of equipment for a hospital practice. The use of the Vibrasat® for lipofilling allowed a 70% price reduction of consumable material used in comparision of our previous technique. The MÖLLER Vibrasat® is a versatile and complete system allowing quick, reliable, painless and cost effective surgery for large body contouring surgery and lipofilling in breast reconstruction.“

Dr. Massimo Gianfermi

What They Say About


"I´m very happy working with MÖLLER´s Vibrasat® Pro. The device is more powerful than others I have used. This means a shorter operation time for my patients and me.
An additional plus is, that it does not vibrate strongly in the hands and arms of the user. Working becomes more effortless.

Using the MÖLLER Vibrasat® Pro I am able to change my cannulas during the procedure within a few seconds. This ensures that I now change the cannulas more frequently during the procedures and can therefore use the appropriate cannula for each area of the body. Changing cannulas frequently now is not worth a second thought. I just do it."

Dr. Marc Salzman

What They Say About


„The button on the new Vibrasat® Pro is great and the new boost function is very beneficial for certain surgical cases"

Dr. med. Afschin Fatemi

What They Say About



"Vibrasat® Pro is the optimal device for Lipofilling. Another advantage is the quick changing of the cannulas."


Dr. med. Alexander T. Hamers

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