Vacusat® power

Powerful surgical aspiration

Powerful suction combined with a functional and space saving design.

Vacusat® power is an extremely powerful and easy-to-operate device. Thanks to its innovative insulation technology, it is also the best in its class in terms of sound level, operating as quietly as possible. 

4 reasons for Vacusat® power:

1. Maximize comfort in the overall experience with a minimized level of noise
2. A powerful engine that is able to endure even the longest procedures
3. Streamlines and simplifies the operation workflow
4. Comes with many beneficial accessories.

Liposuction with small and large volumes
• Liposuctions
• Lipedema treatments

Dimension 1000 x 500 x 560 mm
Weight 26 kg
Suction power 58 l/min ± 6 l/min at 50 Hz
Medical device class IIa
Vacuum -90 kPa on NN (normal
null; 100 kPa = 1 Bar =
1,000 mbar)
Power supply 100 - 240 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz
Current consumption 1.1 A
Fuse T 1.6 A H

Watch one of our explanation videos to see how our surgical aspirator works combined with the other MÖLLER Aesthetics Solutions.

Work time saveing using the Vacuum Switch for the Vacusat® power. The Vacuum Switch is a helpful to evacuate waste containers of the Vacusat® power seperately and faster. 

Vacusat® power Brochure


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