5 plastic surgeons breaking barriers with the newest lipofilling equipment

Thanks to lipofilling, patients whose genetics left them something to be desired can now get closer to the body shapes their parents had no chance of ever sporting. The plastic surgeons who are able to meet these demands over the next decade will never face a shortage of clients.

Potential patients are enticed by images and videos in the news from top plastic surgeons around the world sculpting bold butts, defined abs, outlined shoulders, and more with the newest lipofilling equipment. These patients appreciate lipofilling’s two biggest advantages: maximum safety and permanent results. The following six doctors are emerging as lipofilling luminaries across the globe.


Dr. Alexander Hamers, Germany and Spain

Practicing in both Cologne, Germany, and Malaga, Spain, Dr. Alexander Hamers specializes in the Brazilian butt lift with both fat transfer and implants, female genital surgery, and aesthetic surgery for men. His clinics were some of the first surgical facilities in Europe to perform the Brazilian butt lift and today they are among the market leaders. Dr. Hamers believes that using the body’s own fat cells “provides impressive natural results” and calls fat grafting “the most advanced and atraumatic body shaping technique.”

Dr. Hamers has spoken at many conferences on topics such as the combination of labioplasty and fat grafting for vaginal rejuvenation surgery, large volume fat grafting EVL, buttock implants, and EVL super-grafting. He is a founding member of the International Society of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Intimate Treatment and currently serves as Executive Board Coordinator.

Dr. Hamers uses Vibrasat® Pro, calling it “the optimal device for expansion vibration lipofilling.” Pleased with how quick and comfortable it is for him to change cannulas as well, he is quick to recommend Moeller Medical’s lipofilling equipment.

Dr. Afschin Fatemi, Germany

Dr. Afschin Fatemi first gained notoriety through one of his initial books that featured a controversial image of a dismantled Barbie with her pieces arranged in different sections of a surgical tray. He’s also known for his television appearances where he boldly advocates against liposuction under general anesthesia and warns against excessive preoccupation with the body and beauty ideals.

One of the best known facial plastic surgeons and liposuction experts, Dr. Fatemi specializes in facelift, forehead, brow and neck lifts, eyelid corrections, liposuction, and sweat gland curettage. He frequently lectures at ASAPS, VDPC / VDÄPC, GÄCD, AACS. He has published several books that feature his experiences over the years.

In December of last year, Dr. Fatemi conducted a live surgery workshop in Kuala Lumpur to demonstrate a hands-on liposuction procedure, highlighting the tumescence infiltration technique with multiple needles. Dr. Fatemi uses Liposat® Pro, and Vibrasat® Pro, all top choices for any surgeon performing high-end liposuction procedures. He explains, “the button on the new Vibrasat® Pro is great and the new boost function is very beneficial for certain surgical cases.”


Dr. Richard Abs, France

Click the image above to hear Dr. Abs discuss Moeller Aesthetic Solutions instruments.

Dr. Richard Abs specializes in buttocks surgery in Marseilles, France. His experiences and optimal outcomes with the procedure have been published widely. He also runs live buttock implant and lipofilling workshops in the operating theatre every first Thursday of the month, a practice he’s carried out for over three years.

Dr. Abs frequently uses Vibrast® Pro to optimize his outcomes. In the video linked above, he explains that this tool allows him to conduct liposuction, infiltration, and lipo-injection only with just one tool, an advantage that helps him save time in many different use cases. He further explains, “the handpiece is very comfortable and vibrates in a very soft way. This allows the cannula to move forward gently, conserving tissue, and without any physical effort. At the end of the treatment, I don’t feel tired at all.”


Dr. Zisis Boukovalas, Greece

Dr. Boukouvalas is a practicing plastic surgeon, as well as the Director of the Metropolitan Hospital Plastic, Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. He is also a Lecturer at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Dr. Boukouvalas has a long pedigree serving in leadership roles at both universities and hospitals. He also frequently appears as a guest on health and beauty shows and contributes to health and medical journalism.

Dr. Zisis Boukouvalas MD, Ph.D. recently made the Vibrasat® Pro famous by discussing and demonstrating the device on the Greek television show, All About Health. During his segment, he covered the most recent lipofilling procedure: 4D or high-definition liposuction. During 4Dliposuction, doctors remove fat while adding muscle definition and tone, which creates a 6-pack in the abdomen, as well as adding definition in the arms, chest, buttocks, thighs, hips, and back. His patients rave about his results using the newest lipofilling equipment.

Dr. Boukouvalas explains that, with the incredible advances in fat transfer instruments and procedures, patients can finally fully benefit from the doctor’s true artistry. The surgeon can now create an extremely detailed and sculpted body with the fourth dimension: lipofilling or the addition of fat.

In the video linked above, Dr. Boukouvalas emphasizes that using the most gentle, precise aesthetic equipment is necessary to achieve optimal outcomes. Not only does he highlight the benefits of Vacusat® power on this appearance, but Dr. Boukouvalas has also been a long time, satisfied user of the entire Möller Medical liposuction suite of products.


Dr. Stefan Rapprich, Germany

Dr. Stefan Rapprich is Germany’s top lipedema specialist.

During the training pictured above, Dr. Rapprich claimed that “power-assisted liposuction with Vibrasat® Pro together with Liposat® infiltrated TLA anesthesia is the gold standard in liposuction procedures.”


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