Full-Core Biopsy Needles: Better Probes, Better Outcomes

In 2018, interventional oncologist Dr. Lukas Beyer led a study of the efficacy of innovative full-sCore® biopsy needles versus the standard side-notch biopsy needles at University Hospital, Regensburg Germany. He used Möller Medical’s full-sCore® 16G biopsy needle from the manufacturer’s BiopC® portfolio in the histological diagnosis of liver fibrosis. His objective was to determine which needle delivered a better specimen with less fragmentation.

Dr. Beyer and his team removed samples from 32 individuals, using side notch biopsy needles on 16 subjects, and full-core needles on the other 16. Dr. Beyer explains in this video that the full-core needles yielded “significant differences” in the probes from the side-notch biopsy needles. full-sCore® probe graded “better” by the pathologist because the probes were wider in diameter and were not fragmented “at all.” Overall, they provided better diagnostic value.

History of Biopsy Needles

Side-notch biopsy needles have been the standard tool for oncologists and other surgeons for three decades. While they have worked well overall, their inner stylet with a side notch and outer cutting needle engineering means that only half of the cannula lumen can be filled. The resulting probe emerges fragmented, impacting the quality of the tissue sample.

Surgeons have long requested a biopsy system that removes more tissue with less trauma so as to reduce the risk of misinterpretations.

Moeller’s end-cut, full-sCore® needle allows for the inner lumen and almost the whole cross-section of the needle to capture the specimen.

Side-notch Biopsy Needles v. full-sCore® Biopsy Needles

In February 2020, Dr. Beyer and others published their 2018 research in the journal Cancer Management Resources. By accessing that paper, surgeons are able to see the images of the biopsy needles and the specimens. In addition to the advantages Dr. Beyer delineates in the video above, the end-cutting technique avoided bruising of the tissue the side-notch creates, explaining the lower fragmentation rate.

The article concludes:

“While contrary to our expectations, the length of the specimen was not greater with the full-core device, our investigation showed significantly better results using the full-core device in terms of the diameter of the specimen, fragmentation of the specimen and overall diagnostic value . . . full-core needles have been shown to be superior to side-notch needles for prostate and renal biopsy.”

Noting their study’s focus on only the two organs as well as the small sample size, the researchers call on other surgeons and research centers to conduct their own studies, preferably multi-center studies.

Simple Operation, Sophisticated Engineering: The World’s Next Generation Biopsy Needle

Moeller Medical full-sCore® Biopsy Needles

Surgeons all around the world trust Möller Medical to supply the equipment that improves their diagnoses and cements their prestigious reputations. Our full-sCore® Biopsy Needles are engineered precisely for a low-to-no-trauma puncture which leads to the accurate collection of tissue. For practices that use ultrasound-guided biopsy, the echogenic distal tip helps ensure accuracy. Clear cm markings help guide surgeons to the correct depth every time.

Möller Medical’s BiopC® line of biopsy needles comes from decades of experience serving surgeons all over the world.