Post Operative Compression Bra Guide

Compression Bra Guide: Help Patients Understand Selection, Cleaning, and Recycling

While the surgeon tackles the first step of any breast augmentation transformation, the patient’s compliance is critical in the eventual outcome. During recovery, the patient’s appropriate use of the post-operative compression bra can enhance or detract from the surgeon’s good work. Make sure your patients understand how they can contribute to their best outcome by using the bra correctly.

First, emphasize that this specialized bra:

  • Keeps swelling under control
  • Optimizes blood flow that promotes healing
  • Puts the right pressure on incisions for efficient healing and stability
  • Stabilizes the chest area
  • Keeps the chest clean and free from bacteria

The post-operative compression bra does a lot, but it can’t tackle all of these tasks without the patient’s consistent and careful use.

As patients will be wearing this bra for at least two weeks and sometimes up to 12 weeks, they may need more than one post-operative compression bra. Explain that they can get the most from their investment in a post-operative compression bra when they take a few careful steps. Share this article with your staff so they can guide patients and reinforce your guidance.


Let’s discuss the basics about post-operative compression bras

Having a nurse or other staff member demonstrate the compression bra while the patient is in the office helps remove the unknowns that may spark their anxiety or uncertainty.

For best results, your practice should take the time to show them how:

  • The post-operative compression bra fastens in the front so they won’t have to reach behind them after surgery. Emphasize that careful movement keeps the incision healing nicely.
  • The band across the top of the chest between the two straps keeps implants from wandering upward.
  • To adjust the bra as swelling subsides using the series of hook-and-eye fasteners. Some patients prefer the fine-tuning available with velcro fasteners.


Explain to patients the guidelines when shopping for a post-operative compression bra on their own

Most surgeons will figure in a patient’s first compression bra in their total procedural fees. Elite surgeons may even use bra-fitters who understand how breast sizes change from the point right after surgery to four, six, and eight weeks later. These individuals have extensive experience with how people generally recover from breast surgery and how their bodies change along the way.

These professionals also work at some of the most reputable compression garment companies.

If you’ve come to trust a bra-fitter and bra manufacturer, emphasize that source’s advantages, however, some patients will still take the advice of friends or relatives who’ve had breast revision surgery. When a patient needs a compression bra for up to three months, they may prefer one of the suppliers offering pretty, lacy versions. Regardless of their preference, you should still guide patients who express interest in buying their own bras.

Explain that:

  • Because they will need consistent compression and support, having more than one compression bra is a good idea. Also, the site must be constantly protected from contamination. If the bra is in the wash, they need to put another one on immediately.
  • They should only use a supplier with an experienced bra-fitter on staff. Encourage them to press the manufacturer for details about the fitter’s training and years in the role.
  • They cannot simply use a favorite sports bra because these tend to have a flattening effect. Also compression bras place pressure specifically the scar tissue rims the breasts.

They must avoid underwire bras for up to a year after surgery because the wires in these bras can rub on incisions, causing abrasions and even infections.

Whether your patient is on the schedule for breast augmentation, reconstruction, or reduction, the right bra will make their recovery more comfortable.


Washing the post-surgery compression bra

Urge patients to follow the care and handling instructions that come with each bra. Most are machine-washable, and manufacturers recommend avoiding bleach.


Why your patients should recycle previously used garments

Patients feel good about recycling their post-surgery compression garments. Most people hate to throw this pricey object in the trash since they typically cost $100 or more. Additionally, explain to your patients that they will do a great deal of good for breast cancer survivors or other breast surgery patients by donating post-surgery compression bras to a bra recycling charity. One of these charities is Impact One, an Arizona nonprofit dedicated to improving the quality of life for breast cancer patients. They help those with cancer diagnoses find proper support, products, and resources that will help relieve the financial burdens of surgery. Particularly in these challenging times, it’s difficult for those without insurance to get the goods they need to tackle their disease. Search related non-profits in your area to find a place to recommend donating post-operative compression bras. They are in great demand and incredibly appreciated. Some surgeons even collect these bras and have a staff member take them to these charities drop-off sites.


Help patients feel confident about their breast surgery recovery

Patients who understand their part in their successful recoveries are a joy to doctors. Help them take control of their outcomes by educating them fully on the selection, use, and care of their post-compression bra.

While surgeons tend to focus solely on the surgery itself, conveying the proper use of a key tool like the post-surgery compression bra will help you and your patient achieve the best outcomes.


Choosing the right post-compression garments

As part of our efforts to not only provide the highest quality medical equipment for surgeons, Moeller Medical is proud to announce we have partnered with Revée, Italy to offer state-of-the-art compression garments for your patients. Learn more about the sophisticated style of these garments and the ability for special sizing here. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 0049 661 - 94195 0 or fill out our contact form below.