HPLC Hardware

High Performance Liquid Chromatography

High Performance Liquid Chromatography is an established process for chemical analysis and separation of mixed substances. The process is used millions of times a year and belongs to the standard repertoire of every modern laboratory in research and industry. Principally, it is based on the variation of adhesive energy between the substances to be separated and a known substrate. Simply said, the mixed substance in solution is set in motion (brought into a mobile phase) and forced at high pressure through a column of porous particles (stationary phase). The components of the mixture come out of the separating column at different times according to the adsorption in the stationary phase.

MÖLLER commands 35 years of experience in HPLC hardware. We regard ourselves as problem solver and systems manufacturer for our clients, whom we support from the development phase until series production.



We offer a large selection of HPLC hardware:

  • Manufacture of HPLC hardware by your specifications and quality requirements
  • One-stop shopping: All products and critical process steps from one supplier
  • Joint venture from idea to product
  • From development to complete production from a single source
  • Vertical manufacturing range, machining, lasering, injection moulding, coating, custom made surface tuning, clean room and much more...

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