Dental Components

Fine tube & wire bending for dental industry

Based on experience in the manufacture of human medical cannulae and precision engineering, MÖLLER is represented as an OEM supplier in the field of dental technology. We act as a partner in prototyping, as well as in small and large series production.

Our core business in this segment are dental cannulae and 3D free-form tube and wire bending parts, which are installed e. g. in dental drills.

In addition, however, entire assemblies are manufactured and assembled according to customer-specific requirements. For this purpose, the complete manufacturing capabilities of Möller Medical can be used, in particular plastic and metal cutting, laser processing, precision injection moulding, surface refinement and cleanroom assambly. In-house jig and tool construction enables fast reaction times and maximum flexibility.


In addition to special cannulas in classical human medicine, Möller Medical has also been manufacturing cannulae for use in the dental sector for many years. This especially includes injection cannulas and needles for root canal treatments. 

We develop together with the customer, but we also manufacture directly according to customer requirements.

Shrap, blunt, straight, curved or flexible needles are possible.

Needles are available with a large variety of tip shapes. See more about this in our portfolio for human medical cannulae.

Thanks to our experience in plastics processing, we are also able to overmold needles with a wide variety of plastics (PEEK, PVDF, etc.). In doing so, we make use of our own mould and tool making facilities.

In addition, our production facilities can also use a wide variety of bonding methods for metals with plastic, glass and with other metals or materials.

3D Tubes and wires

One of our specialties 3D free-form bending.

If required, we can provide tubes and wires from sourcing the material to the finished part, but we also offer bending as a service. 

On request, we manufacture tubes and wires completely by ourselves, but we also offer bending as a service.

We bend tubes and wires manually or automatically with high precision in a validated process. Down to a radius of approx. 2 x outer diameter, bending is possible simply and without reduction of the inner diameter. Smaller radii are also possible.

Our manufacturing techniques allow simple and as well as complex 3D bending and coils.

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