Peristaltic Pumps

Individual Peristaltic Pumps SPQ

In addition to our wide range of standard products, SPQ® can also provide individual solutions according to your needs.
Customized variants of our roller pumps are even available for small quantities. Our engineering development team supports you from the early concept design phase according to your demand.
We offer standard-tube sets as well as customized tube systems according to your specification suitable for our roller pumps.

At a glance

Peristaltic pumps have a firm place in medical technology due to their reliability, flow rate and controllability as well as their hygienic cleanliness. They function as positive displacement pumps. The medium to be pumped is pressed through an external hose via a rotor or a camshaft and thus does not come into contact with the pump itself. This makes them very suitable for pumping sensitive, highly viscous, aggressive liquids as well as liquids containing suspended particles or contaminated liquids.


  • very small flow rates
  • low-pulsation conveyance
  • reversible conveying
  • low-maintenance
  • safe to run dry
  • self-priming
  • for continuous operation
  • valveless
  • adjustable delivery rate


  • Medical Technology
  • Biotechnology
  • Pharmacy
  • Analytics/ Diagnostics
  • Laboratory
  • Food and beverages
  • Water- / waste water / environmental technology
  • Chemistry
  • Air conditioning / heating
  • Industry

Standard portfolio SPQ

Peristaltic Pump

Key features
Dimensions: 105 x 125 mm
Delivery rate: 5 – 430 ml/min
Differential pressure: 2,0 bar
Drive: 24 V EC
Tube diameter: 4 - 7 mm

Peristaltic Pump

Key features
Dimensions: 95 x 110 mm
Delivery rate: 6 – 339 ml/min
Differential pressure: 2,0 bar
Drive: 24 V EC
Tube diameter (ID): 2 - 5 mm

Peristaltic Pump

Key features
Dimensions: 125 x 180 mm
Delivery rate: 3 – 125 ml/min
Differential pressure: 2,5 bar
Drive: 24 V EC
Tube diameter (ID): 2 - 4 mm

Peristaltic Pump

Key features
Dimensions: 125 x 140 mm
Delivery rate: 0 – 2000 ml/min
Differential pressure: 2,3 bar
Drive: 24 V EC, Stepper
Tube diameter: 7 - 8 mm

Further peristaltic pumps from MÖLLER

We offer extensive possibilities for customization of our peristaltic pumps for use in critical medical, analytic and diagnostic applications.
Our individual developments are in use as ablation cooling pumps for cardiology and tumor therapy, serve as laboratory pumps with electronic flow and volume control for use in clean rooms, or are particularly suitable for use in extracorporeal circuits for pumping blood and blood components.

  • Individual pumps
  • PeristaltiQ
  • Peristaltic pumps in blood management

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